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My Sam has left me! His lame excuse was that he needs to attend "classes" so he does not "flunk out of school" and "become a hobo living in a cardboard box". Which, okay, but if it were a cardboard box with internet access, that wouldn't be so bad, right?

Now who will keep me up until five in the morning (or later!) playing the Sims? Who will play tennis with me and hit balls into the net while coming up with dorky catchphrases? Who will talk to me for hours about how Kaidoh is hot?

Well, okay, we can do that one over IM. But it's not the same.

My dad and I revived the daddy-daughter film experience and saw Snakes on a Plane yesterday. He has no idea to whom all his base are belong, is unaware of how his hed is attached, and generally would not know a viral internet meme if it bit him, but he instantly grasped the appeal of Snakes on a Plane, namely: there are snakes, and they are on a plane. Seriously, if you are sick of the whole Snakes on a Plane phenomenon, listening to your father repeating the phrase with a sort of awe will make it amusing all over again.

There were only like, six of us in the audience, but hey, we had fun.
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I keep hearing that from people---that there were only a few people in the audience when they went to see Snakes on a Plane. Does anyone know how well the movie is actually doing? It will be kind of funny if the viral internet publicity doesn't actually turn out to translate into sales.