Mai Yamani

Advice that is profoundly unlikely to be helpful to you!

When your mother gives you an antique bookshelf to put in your room, and mentions, oh, by the way, the paint on this thing took two weeks to dry, DO NOT ACCEPT IT AND PUT IT IN YOUR ROOM!

Clearly, it is haunted or possessed or both, and will, at the first opportunity, fall over! And then your bedroom will be carpeted in books, and worse, the unholy undead paint will get smeared all over the screen of your laptop, and how the fuck do you get that off? Plus, the B key will be dislodged and lost in the aforementioned carpet of books, so that every time you try to type a word with the letter B in it, such as, oh, say, "books" or "bookshelf", it will not actually work all that well, thereby compounding your frustration!

Why do these things always happen to me? I mean, besides the fact that I'm stupid?

EDIT: Slightly more useful advice, in case you are ever as stupid as me!

Got it off with a handkerchief, some rubbing alcohol, and a very light touch.

Now, to get my keyboard fixed. As it happens, half the letters have worn off again, including the B, so it needs some fixing anyway.
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Hee! I'm missing a D, F, H, L, C, B, N, M, Y and O, not to mention the arrow on my page down key. It's a good thing I touch type!
Interesting, I also am missing part of D, E, C, and the pgdn arrow. Also period. However, my F and H are fine. Imagine what one could deduce from seeing which keys are wearing down.
You need a harder-core keyboard. You seem to chronically have this problem (wasn't it the H last time?). some of my keys are very shiny but all of them are still there.
Yeah, it's not just me. When Apple started making iBooks out of this less white, less pretty plastic, some time in 2003 IIRC, they apparently also forgot how to make letter stick on the keyboard. Which is weird because my two old pretty white plastic iBooks have letters that appear to be completely indestructible.

It's a known problem that everyone, so they're totally used to people showing up and demanding a wad of new letters. Except now they have replaced the iBook line with the new, similar MacBooks that have these really weird-looking keyboards that seem to be designed so that it's impossible to get them all full of hair, so that's a plus. I shed a lot.
I think if I were a manufacturer, I wouldn't replace a good product with a shitty product. But maybe that's just me.