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Resolutions revisited

I've never kept (or, for that matter, made) a new year's resolution before, but my resolve to post more fic seems to be working out nicely. I started adding up figures and making graphs, and then Sam called me a dork, which was pretty funny considering he himself was attempting to replace the star in his default blogger template with a Koch snowflake at the time. (I initially thought he was trying to replace it with a cock.) He asked what the "Misc" on the fandom breakdown was for, so I read Towering Lust aloud to him and was forced to concede that I was the dorkiest person sitting at the table.

As shown in Figure 1, the vast majority of my fic this year has been about middle schoolers/junior highers. Gay tennis players edged out gay babysitters to secure first place, surprising exactly nobody who has had my journal inflicted upon them recently.

Fig. 1

I still owe a couple of people New Years Challengeathon fics, because I suck, but fortunately the year isn't over yet. I just dusted off the Sherlock Holmes/Good Omens crossover for nagasvoice.

The overall trend was a massive, massive increase in fic posting, demonstrated in Figure 2. I blame gay babysitters and gay tennis players for being so awesome.

Fig. 2

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wow, and we're only half-way through the year! also...sherlock holmes/good omens???? :::waits impatiently:::
Teaser paragraphs!
It was a wet, blustery day in March, and Holmes, who was in a superlative mood, was improvising dreamily upon his violin, when our client arrived, quite wet and a state of extreme agitation. Holmes's client, I should more properly say, particularly in light of the first words out of his mouth, which were not any more polite form of greeting, but rather: "I must insist upon speaking to you about this matter alone, Mr Holmes."

Holmes, who had laid aside his violin, responded at once that he had perfect trust in me, but the man cut him off. "I've already had my own physician tell me that I'm mad, and I won't have it, I tell you."

Holmes exchanged an amused glance with me, and said: "I assure you, between Watson and me there is a perfect accord. Either both of us will pronounce you mad, or neither of us will."
I think we need a graph that visually depicts the much-appreciated spike of dork in my life, after seeing this post on my f'list.
Fandom is where you can write porn about buildings and then make graphs about it, and instead of shunning you or possibly having you committed, people actually encourage you! How great is that?