Heeeee. What a fetching suit Tezuka's wearing! :D Inui looks rather adorable in his fuzzy vest and I mean that in a less sarcastic way.

I can't even tell you which one I like best, but I would like to demand more Sim!Kaidoh ASAP.
The built-in outfit selection is disappointingly limited but the existence of Tezuka's purple suit makes everything okay, forever.

I just so happen to have some Sim!Kaidoh outtakes, although none with a clear shot of his pretty, pretty face.

Look at how shy and adorable he is, OMG!

Inui is all over him, as who would not be?
Seriously, who could resist him in those pants? Oh Sim!Kaidoh, you live up to your anime and manga equivalent so nicely.
No one, apparently. The entire Sim neighborhood is hitting on Kaidoh now. :D :D :D
You know, that always happened to my Sim!Kaidoh too. Taka-san even tried to smooch him up.
This is the best thing in, like, EVER! Grow up, Tezuka! You shouldn't expect a hot stud like Inui not to have, you know, outside interests.

I love how you put everything together. The juice montage! Also, Inui looks so, so good. (And Kaidoh. Oh my god.)
Thank you! :D I totally need to make a Renji -- I'm slowly but surely populating my Tenipuri neighborhood.
Oh man, this is brilliant. It's kind of unsettling how good looking they are. Kaidoh? Inui? *dies*

Tezuka's purple outfits are the best :D

Ahaha thanks for sharing this, totally made my day.
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

They are all much too attractive for their own good.
Hahahahahahaha! Oh, this makes me miss that game so much. XD

Sim!Kaidoh is hot.
It's so addictive! Next thing you know, it's four in the morning and all you have done is orchestrate a bunch of Sim affairs.

Sim!Kaidoh needs his own sequel. Like, A Day in the Life of the Ridiculously Attractive.
Oh yes, when they have sex, they disappear under the blankets and then pillows start flying and sparkles appear! It is the best thing ever.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! ♥
So. Awesome. I don't know what made me laugh more, the juice or the sleeping on the couch. XD
"Inui! How could you?!" ROFL XDD

Inui's proposal is so ii romantic... :P

This makes me want to get The Sims.
The Sims + Prince of Tennis = endless fun! Emphasis on the 'endless' ... :P

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!
is it bad that all i can process right now is "Sim!Kaidoh is fucking hott" ?
because really. *_____*
haha I just decided to squiz at your journal because you commented over on mine and I saw the little inutez tag and absolutely had to click it.

Let me just say my dear, you are made of win. Utter win and I adore you. XD *has to put this in memories* I laughed my ass off.
*blushes redder than your icon*

I think I am simply going to have to friend you, if you don't mind!
I randomly came across this again and it still makes me smile and smile. :)