100% awesome

Hee, you know what's fun? Watching people come around to your ship right before your very eyes. Up until now, I think that Sam just put up with my crazy Inui/Tezuka love like you do your half-senile great-aunt who keeps telling you about her houseplants or something and you're too polite to tell her to shut up already, but last night we finally finished watching the Yamabuki arc and made it to the Inui-Tezuka ranking match and I have a shiny new convert now.

"I calculate that there is an 82% chance that you are in love with him," he informed Inui when Inui started telling Tezuka about how he had recorded the look Tezuka gets in his eyes in his data. Also, he was very taken with prillalar's proposition that he made his Very Significant Bracelet out of Tezuka's hair: "He has the motive, means and opportunity!" ♥ ♥ ♥

While we were watching one of the (interminable!) Ryoma-Akutsu episodes, my little brother stopped on his way out the door and stared at us. "What?" I asked.

"The sounds coming from your computer," he said, gesticulating. "Without the picture, it sounds like, you know -- "

I started giggling. "No, we are not watching porn."
Who could fail to notice such an obsessive and scary love? :) Tezuka may win at tennis, but he will not escape Inui's Net of Love.