Rock out, it's Friday

You know what's fun? Wandering around your house, dripping wet and half-blind, trying to find something to wash your hair with. (I ran out of shampoo. My mother recently switched to this shampoo that makes my hair fall out, so I'm certainly not using that. My brother is at camp with his shampoo.) I eventually turned up something in the far recesses of the cupboards in our bathroom.

Apparently, the people at our hotel "found" my laptop case. I'm not entirely certain precisely how or where they "found" it, but they are mailing it back to me, so I suppose that it doesn't matter. I couldn't find a new laptop case that I wanted to buy, anyway. In the interim I have burned a complete new set of Prince of Tennis DVDs, so I suppose I will pass my duplicates on to some poor unsuspecting soul other person.

I uploaded this for belmanoir and might as well share with the class: Louise Attaque's 1997 self-titled album [38 MB]. Louise Attaque are sort of French folk rock with a killer violinist (I suck at describing music, so sue me).

I lust after one of these. The only problem would be that I don't have a sewing machine (at least, as far as I know) and haven't actually sewn anything since I was 9 or so. (Ask me about the time I put a needle all the way through the palm of my hand, eye first!)

handynavi keeps making Sims who have zero niceness points and then he wonders why they are so mean. It's really quite amusing. Except when they make Tezuka!Sim cry.
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That is awesome. I should make one of those anyway and I could just throw my laptop in my current purse, which is actually a canvas Metropolitan Museum shopping bag.

(He so is. He ran into another room first to preserve what was left of his dignity, anyway.)
I have a cool laptop sleeve for my iBook. It's made of black neoprene and it has tiny straps over the corners, like those things that keep mattress covers on, so I can just keep it on all the time. It has a handle if I need to carry it.

(Does it make me a bad person that I want to see Inui make Tezuka cry?)
(No. Maybe. We can both be bad people together. *pokes the internet disconsolately, as though more InuTez will magically appear*)