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They weren't kidding when they said the danger of fire was EXTREME

A few days ago, you may recall, I mocked the interest-worthiness of the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.

Well, apparently someone found it slightly more interesting, because today they set it on fire.

My dad was right at the top of the hill when this occurred, and fortunately he did not catch on fire as he snapped a bunch of pictures while the fire burninated all the grass, the trees, the peasants, etc. There happened to be a football field nearby for comparison, so I'd say there were at least 20-30 football fields of crispy grass. I thought this was quite a lot of burnination. The firemen, who were still messing about when my dad brought us by to check it out, thought this was pretty much all in a day's work.

Now, the reason my dad is here is to install their new upper air system. Luckily, this meant that they had removed the nitrogen which they usually keep in that particular location for launching the weather balloons. Otherwise, upper air system very possibly go boom.
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It's a good thing we didn't, say, send him to spend the day with my dad at work. That would have been awkward. Especially when they found his new Zippo lighter in his pocket.

The funny thing is that about a half-hour after the fire started, we turned into this neighborhood and smelled smoke (like, even I could smell it, and I was completely congested at the time. It smelled like burnt marshmallows, oddly) and my mom was all, mmmmmmm, smoke. Naturally it turned out to be the actual fire instead of someone's fireplace or something, because who the fuck lights their fireplace when it's 110º?
OMG! That's... funny, actually. In a very scorched sort of way.