Great Faces

We made it to Rapid City, although there was a time, wandering around the labyrinthine hell that is Wall Drug and expelling more than my own body weight in mucus, that I didn't think that we would. I have eaten buffalo (it tasted like one of those hamburgers you hear about in science fiction synthesized by computers that don't quite understand). I got this terrifying rabbit that I think was supposed to be cute, and that in fact looks like the rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

All right, I understand that we're going to go pirate miniature golfing now. Arrrrrrrrr!
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You guys look great but that rabbit is scaring the hell out of me. Anya was right about them.
I plan to place it in a strategic location. No one will dare to tamper with anything guarded by the Rabbit o' DOOM.
Your pictures do not work at this present moment.
I want to go miniature golfing! It's such a tourist thing to do, which is why there are like 30 courses around here, except I've never been to any.
Are you allergic to South Dakota?
I guess my webhost was replacing computers, or something. At least it was quick.

Are you allergic to South Dakota?

Although I would like to claim that I am in fact allergic to tourist traps filled tacky t-shirts, I think I in fact have a cold.
You know, the more I think about it, the more ridiculously hot it sounds. Someone should write it, hint hint.

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