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My family is going on our first proper family vacation in fifteen years, sort of. Generally on all our 'vacations' we stay with my grandparents in Sioux Falls, SD and sometimes go to the dentist. This time we are going to Rapid City, SD, staying in a hotel, and only visiting my grandparents on the way there and not even visiting the dentist at all. It's no Disneyland, but it's a big step for us.

Rapid City is near Mount Rushmore, which is the one thing you know about South Dakota if you know anything about South Dakota, so it is only right and proper that we should go and see the thing as it is the notable feature of our home state. However, I am not entirely certain what we are going to do for the rest of the week that we will be there. The fact that the Wikipedia entry lists "South Dakota School of Mines and Technology" as one of its three points of interest is not very promising. (Also, apparently, the tiny town of 11,893 people where I lived for two years is the ninth largest city in the state. I freely admit it: my home state is made of lameness.)

Ah well. My dad has to be there for work anyway, so it is, like, basically free! And our hotel has wireless internet, and a waterslide, and HBO, so it is better than sitting around at home.

I'm trying to pack, though, and it is becoming increasingly obvious that I don't have any clothes, like, at all. Woe. I don't normally notice because I could wear the same thing every day, like, forever.
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I noticed the same thing with clothes when I went to NYC. Still haven't done anything to remedy the problem, though.

Your family vacations are crap. At least we went on a few decent ones before Jenna went insane.
Your family vacations are crap.

Dude, you think I don't know this? They don't even count as vacations. Of course, it's not like I haven't been to fun places -- Brazil, Scotland, London, New Orleans, New York, etc. Just ... not with my family.

before Jenna went insane

That must have been a rather limited window of opportunity.
We used to go to branson every year between like 1988 and 1991, and we always went at Lauren's birthday, so I think someone got jealous we didn't go there for HER birthday, but like, in January, why the heck go there?
We went to disneyworld in 1993 and again in 1997, but the second trip totally sucked because Jenna HAD already gone insane. And I started my period while at a water park. That's it for full-family vacations, unless you count my wedding which everyone went to except her.
Like you, I have (and Lauren has) been all sorts of places -Chicago, DC, San Francisco, Seattle, NYC, France- just not altogether. In fact, my parents have become experts at the "Take Lauren on vacation without telling Jenna" tactic.
Branson was our last proper vacation! It was one of those ghetto things where my mom and dad had to listen to someone try to sell them timeshares, or something, but hey, my brother and I didn't have to go.

And I started my period while at a water park.

Damn. Clearly, the universe hates you.
At least the bathing suit was dark down there, so I could insert a tampon and clean up before the folks at Disney threw me out for being a biohazard.