More Sims

I dropped in on my Inui and Tezuka sims briefly and put together the following screencaps:

Inui is pursuing a career as a mad scientist, so he wears this really hot labcoat to work. Mmm.

Meanwhile, Tezuka is working on his second novel.

When Inui comes home, they actually talk about tennis and everything!

Of course, one thing quickly leads to another ...

And another ...

And another ...


Tragically, you have to use your imagination for this bit.
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Inui is always hot, no matter the milieu. And Tezuka looks like Shirota -- that's so cute! Plus his outfit totally wins.

This is really making me want to Sim now. Must. Reisist.
I've been trying not to Sim alone so as to avoid turning into a total Simholic. Of course, my partner in crime is at least as obsessed with the Sims as I am with Prince of Tennis, so I'm not sure how effective this will be. It's probably a good thing that both of us have older laptops that are in no way capable of running this game.
I once created myself and laislabevita and our dream home. In the original Sims, but still.

And now your making me want to buy the damn game despite my determination not to ride Mr. Wright's Sim Rollercoaster of 1001 expansion packs.
Sam's first family of sims consisted of me, my mom, and (apparently he got bored of doing my family) Guybrush Threepwood, who was flirting with me. Of course, Guybrush Threepwood ended up looking suspiciously similar to my brother, and Sam kept calling him 'Danny' all night long, so I have been making fun of him for being such a giant perv.

The Sims 2 sans expansion packs is considerably more playable than the original unexpanded Sims -- the only thing I really miss is the puppies and kittens.
Sims 2 can have sex in more than one bed? Wow.
I always wondered what keeps them from suffocating under the sheets.
Not to mention all those fireworks must be dangerous under there.

Yup, you can have sex (er, 'WooHoo') in any double bed. Exhibitionist sims also want to get it on in public dressing rooms.
OMG public dressing rooms! This gets better all the time! I want them to start doing it in the hottub or in the garden at night.

Actually, the best would be if they could do it on a bear rug in front of a fireplace, but I'd be afraid of them igniting.
I'd be afraid of them igniting

You say that like that would be a bad thing. Oooh, next time I'm making a sim to kill off, I'm totally going to name it Chavis Applewhyte McAbie.

I hate to kill off sims while they're in the throes of passion, especially if they're a gay or interracial couple. Feels too much like I'm smiting them.

Killing them off while they're fighting is fun though. They're smacking each other and yelling at each other and all the sudden they're both freaking out about the fire. Then it consumes them.

*facepalms* I fail at fake people.

Then it consumes them.

Ooh, it's like a little morality tale!

It's too bad your sims can't murder each other. There's this one random guy in our neighborhood who runs around picking fights with everyone, and I'd really like to take him down.
Yeah, the only effective murders I know of are forcing someone to drown and locking them in a room without a door and either torching them or starving them, neither of which is particularly effective BY a Sim.

I'd like an option like "make poisoned cake" and set it on the countertop, then when a rude freeloader stops by, he'll eat it and then die.

Guns and knives might be fun. Or an exploding doormat.
Yeah, you can pretend that it was some other Sim who took away the ladder or boarded up the door, but it's just nowhere near as satisfying. Exploding doormats, now, that would be fun.

I could never figure out why the hell they couldn't get out of the pool without the ladder, anyway, especially when it was a matter of life and death. Of course, in the Sims 2, they can get all out of shape and flabby now, but still.
I never saw why they'd just hop in without even stopping to consider how to get out. Or why they'd change into their swimsuits on the way to the school bus.
They're not very bright. They're a touch smarter now -- they can manage to walk around each other without dancing around for half an hour and then whining at you in frustration, for example -- but they're still not very bright.
On my school computer game, somehow I managed to make Mortimer Goth completely disappear. He'd always come over to the house and immediately use the bathroom or get stuck in a doorway then shrug and shake his head. I think he drank Monster Potion and I deleted him, which apparently is the one way to "lose" a Sim forever. Every time I'd call his house, it would say he was at my house, but I couldn't find him.
Ah yes, the eternaly and never exhausted "Evil God" mode of playing the Sims.

Once, I turned on free will on a Sim in a unescapable room with nothing but a refrigirator. No bathtub or shower, no toilet, no bed. Just ever increasing and profound discomfort and misery ever lenghtened by the prevention of starving and actual death through eating snacks.

You're evil. He couldn't even kill himself in a kitchen accident.

I did something similar once, locked a sim into my "kitchen shed" where she did nothing but cook all day until she got depressed and her inattention led to a fire that caused her demise.