A gift and a curse

My mom is a huge Johnny Depp fan. She's been asking me like every day for months when "that pirate movie" was coming out.

So why aren't we at "that pirate movie" right now? Because it is also the series premiere of Monk. *facepalms* Apparently no one was anticipating this demographic overlap.

Greg Grunberg is guest-starring and his character is just not having a good time of it. Not quite as bad as his guest appearance on Lost, but up there with his guest appearance on House. The poor guy just never gets a break! It makes me sad. I appreciate you, Greg!

There was a Snakes on a Plane commercial and my dad just totally busted out laughing when he saw the title. Now that was a demographic overlap that I wasn't expecting. Should make for an interesting daddy-daughter film experience.
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I'll bet there are people all over America who were devastated to learn that Monk and Pirates conflicted. It's a hidden demographic! Quick, call the marketing people! They need to know this information.

My mom seriously considered going to a late showing, but she ended up falling asleep on the floor instead.
Haha, the pirate movie is two and a half hours long. I sent Jason there knowing I could finish all chores and then some before he came back.
I wish he'd waited to see it, because it might have come in handy next month.
The longer the better, as far as I'm concerned. The tickets cost the same after all.
Seriously! Get those snakes on that muthafuckin' plane, people!

At least you guys have seen the new Doctor Who already. *hides from the rest of the internet with its evil spoilers, alternately cheers and curses download in progress*
For Doctor Who is made up of so much awesome, it balances a great many things.

(Eight more minutes!)