A SimEntry in my SimJournal

handynavi and I are playing the Sims 2, or trying to. I spent five minutes making Momo. (Why are there no purple eyes in this game? How can you make self-inserts if there are no purple eyes?) Sam spent an hour on Kaidoh's nose. "Show me some more pictures of Kaidoh," he kept saying. "For, um, reference. Yeah."

The two of them are obviously meant to be together. That is, if Sam ever finishes building their house.
A few thoughts to this entry: 1) a house of rackets? 2) you need a Karupin for Kaidoh to cuddle and 3) heeee, MomoKai.
There are no cats in the Sims 2! What is up with that? No wonder Kaidoh!Sim keeps giving Momo!Sim backrubs every time I turn around. What else is he going to pet?