FIC: Leading With Blood (Sanguini/Worple, NC-17)

Finally finished this thing at the very last possible minute. Don't ask me why it took me so long to write because I could not possibly tell you, except for the part where I reread all the HP books looking for vampire references, which are few, far between, and inconclusive, so in the end I made stuff up.

Also, it ended up being kind of odd. Oh well.

Leading With Blood by mayhap
Sanguini/Worple. NC-17 for sexuality and vampirism. 1,090 words.
Worple draws Sanguini out. Sanguini draws Worple in.

Notes: Written for the pornish_pixies June Fantasy Fest for marksykins who requested Sanguini the Vampire/Eldred Worple. No non-con or really heavy kink, but light bloodplay related to vampirism okay. I just want Eldred getting obsessed with his writing about the vampire lifestyle. God. Please. I've been dying for this since HBP.

Their first meeting was tense and awkward; understandably so, taking place as it did in a windowless chamber buried deep within Azkaban.
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