soooo cute!! you know, i thought you were crazy back when you first started talking about skating slash, but, um, you were right. and i was a fool. i'm sorry.
Don't you love it when that happens?
I remember way way back in the dark ages when banned RPF and I couldn't even begin to figure out why such a thing even existed. And then, of course, more recently I was wondering why on earth intelligent people were obsessed with anime characters playing magical tennis, and we all know how that one turned out.

Of course, the skating slash fandom is frustrating because everyone is writing Weir/Lysacek and not giving Plushenko any love. :(

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Haha these two would make a great couple. As soon as I heard about the one-sided banter going on between Plushy and Weir all i could think about was RPS.

i hope i'm not weirding you out by commenting here, i was just randomly googling plushenko/weir and this entry came up. i've never seen these before, do you have bigger scans maybe? anyway, i'm just glad there is someone else that likes them together.

and, again, i'm really sorry, i realise that it's creepy to just comment on strange people's journals.