Mai Yamani

Send help.

Today at work I was bored. And I had access to a computer that only has Excel, MS Paint, Notepad and the calculator on it, everything else having been ruthlessly eliminated by fun-hating zealots.

I have memorized pi up to 3.1415926535897932384626433.

I'm pretty sure I need some more excitement in my life.
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Definitely shouldve gone with the Paint rather then the calculator...
My artistic ability is nil. Actually, my artistic ability is less than nil. Sometimes I accidentally suck all the art out of the room when I walk in.
Thank you! I was trying not to create a LiveJournal account, I only created it in response to friends who refused to allow anonymous posting. My LJ is entitled "This Isn't a LiveJournal" (Stop Reading It. There's Nothing Here. Have a Nice Day). But eventually I broke down and started posting and now I feel like my friends ought to keep up posting in theirs as often as I do in mine at least, LOL! I found your entry by reading Ray's Friends posts one day b/c I got bored with doing the same ol things online.
One of my good friends is coercedbynutmeg because I dragged her kicking and screaming onto LJ (and my own username was silvernutmeg at the time). Now she posts, like, four times as much as I do. :-P