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Geeking out

I succumbed to my little brother's evil tempting and now have my very own shiny Nintendo DS Lite. Here we are:

Now I can play Tetris. And play Tetris against my brother. And ... play more Tetris. You know, there was a time in high school where, whenever I closed my eyes, I saw tetrominoes falling and I would play out entire games of Tetris in my head without even trying. Perhaps this was a bad idea.

I also discovered that we now have an actual store in town that sells actual comic books. I'd never actually seen them in the wild before! I found Sandman #50 (Ramadan), Death: The High Cost of Living #3, and Sachs & Violens #3 in the fifty-cent boxes, so now I own exactly three genuine comics. They are pretty and fragile, like butterflies. I don't know where to put them.

Finally, I offer you this picture of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Without comment, because nothing that I say can add to its exquisite beauty. ♥ ♥ ♥
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I play Tetris for the sole purpose of improving my spatial intelligence, which is not great. I don't really like it but I make myself play every other day or so.

And I keep going back to stare at the pic of Bill and Steve. I'm not sure why it's mesmerized me so much!
For me, it's sort of a compulsion. (The Tetris, not the Bill/Steve picture, although I keep gazing at it too. ;) Plus, I have to step up my game, because my little brother can beat me in multiplayer mode.
whenever I closed my eyes, I saw tetrominoes falling and I would play out entire games of Tetris in my head

That happened to me all the time!  ...Still does, actually.
Me too, bizarrely. I haven't played Tetris in years (I think I OD'd on it following my operation; would play it for hours until the batteries on my GameBoy Color (yeah, those things) died. Then I'd realise how numb my legs had gone and that they were blue with cold). I like Tetris.

*has a brief relapse, accompanied by the plonky music*
We have one of these now, kind of across from the high school. Next thing you know, we'll have running water and flush toilets!
I used to have Tetris on my phone! Somewhere along the line, my phone got to me smarter than I am, and it won't let me put any games on it without charging me per month. This makes me sad.
My DS Lite came while I was away last week, so I still had the bf's DS and he used the new Lite. Now we've switched. I wish they'd begun with a color other than white.

Me three, or four, or whatever, re: Tetris behind the eyeballs. I sometimes dreamt Tetris. whee.