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FIC: Mirror Writing (InuTez, NC-17)

My plan was to post the last part of Boys Who Wear Glasses by today, but, well, my brother's graduation is tonight and my grandparents are going to be in town and, long story short, I'm not seeing that happening.

So. By request:

Mirror Writing
Prince of Tennis. Tezuka Kunimitsu/Inui Sadaharu. NC-17. 637 words.
Selected excerpts from Inui's 'Tezuka Kunimitsu, Quiz Bowl' notebook.

Note: This fic is a companion to Boys Who Wear Glasses.

Selected excerpts from 'Tezuka Kunimitsu, Quiz Bowl':

... So far I have been unable to determine what sexual position Tezuka would prefer despite the vast amount of data I have collected on him (17.1222 volumes to date). One theory states that because he is 5cm shorter than I am there is a 100% chance he will be uke but I still feel that this model is overly simplistic and does not account for sufficient variables to be reliable. I suppose that I will continue to prepare for any eventuality, which I must admit has been extremely pleasurable....

… Strangely there do not appear to have been any studies done on the effects of high altitudes on sex. My research turned up something called the "Mile High Club" but this turned out not to be exactly what I was looking for. I propose that I take Tezuka climbing and that we have carefully-calibrated sex whenever we have ascended 100m in order to determine what the nature and extent of these effects may be.

Possible flaws in methodology: difficult to resist Tezuka long enough to ascend 100m, high probability of plunging to our deaths. Also I will need more experience in mountain climbing, although of course lagging behind Tezuka to some extent would have certain advantages, particularly if he were wearing one of those harnesses....

... I had no idea that Tezuka could recite the capital cities of all the countries in the world. I had him do it twice. The second time I imagined that as he was doing it, I was slipping under the table and undoing his pants and sucking on his cock, running my tongue along the whole length of it very slowly and he was trying to keep his voice steady so no one in the library would realize what I was doing. So far this has proved a very satisfactory fantasy. I have already employed it on three occasions....

... My continuing experiments with Inui's Sweet Sweet Loving All Night Long Juice have been highly disappointing. Although all the ingredients I have tried came highly recommended as aphrodisiacs, so far the only noticeable effect that I have observed during testing is a severe case of halitosis, which is completely unacceptable. However, I'm afraid that Tezuka will leave me if I prove to be an unsatisfactory lover, and the competition could become stiff, so I am not yet prepared to abandon its development....

... When Tezuka leans so far forward that he practically falls out of his chair with that look on his face like he's determined to take the next question, I just want to throw him down on the table and fuck him right there. Unfortunately, this would most likely get us disqualified from the tournament and bring shame upon our school and then Tezuka would never speak to me again...

... Once again I have run through my calculations and they have conclusively demonstrated that there is a 97% chance that Tezuka is a homosexual. I have decided to disregard the 3% chance that he is an alien from outer space, although it would explain certain aspects of the Tezuka Zone which I have been otherwise unable to account for, regardless of the sophistication of my calculations....

... A question about Japanese history prompted an excellent fantasy where Tezuka was a brilliant young samurai and I was an actor who had always wanted to be a samurai and so I trained in secret and one day I challenged him to a swordfight and he agreed because he found me irresistible and I won and he said that I was the first person who had ever defeated him and I said that I would show him the secret of my training and then we had sex. I hope there will not be any questions about samurai in our matches....
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I love you so much. XD

All of these little fantasies are great--but I especially like the capital cities' one. (fans self repeatedly after reading it) Oh, Inui, you naughty, obsessed boy, making good use of that data you've been collecting, eh?

I chuckled reading this sentence: Possible flaws in methodology: difficult to resist Tezuka long enough to ascend 100m, high probability of plunging to our deaths.

I love how Inui is being so scientific and logical about everything, but he calls his invention such a sketchy name.

Thank you so much for writing this. :D So much fun to read.
Capital cities were my favorite one too. ;) So glad you enjoyed it; it was all kinds of fun to write!