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Boys who wear glasses and play tennis (screencaps)

So, I was gathering some data on Tezuka and Inui's tennis (why yes, that is what kids these days are calling it) and one thing led to another and well, here are a zillion screencaps from episodes 51 and 52. Particularly useful for those of you who, like, know nothing of this Prince of Tennis of which I speak but I make you read my fic anyway because you are my minions. ;)

Glasses are made for meaningful reflection shots!

What wouldn't you give for a look inside that notebook?

Tezuka is sparkly.

Inui sparkles back.

I have a thing for the glasses-adjusting, okay? I do it all the time myself and I've been wearing contacts 90% of the time for the last ten years. Tezuka, of course, never needs to adjust his glasses because he is magic.

Aaaaaaand Shiba takes a picture of Inui's neck, just 'cause.

We get to look over flashback!inui's shoulder at his data.

You know, if my glasses were magic, I'd wear them more often.

Because Tenipuri pairings are like whatever those potato chips are that you can never have just one of, I feel the need to point out that this is such a "Look at my awesome tennis boyfriend!" reaction shot for Kaidoh and Ryoma.


More fanservice!

The sun set in like two seconds so Tezuka and Inui could have a Moment, apparently.
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Oh, I could stare at these for hours. I love their sparkly match.

Tezuka so rarely gets shiny glasses that it freaks me out when he does!