Sark hands

No Hard Feelings

Just ... just don't even click. Seriously.

Oh god Marshall's conversation with Vaughn so cute! Why isn't there going to be a Marshall spin-off? Why?

Am amused by Syd snarking at Sloane à la Anna. Sloane seems surprisingly unbrokenup about Syd's alleged death.

The weird Thomas Grace subplot rears its head again and I still don't understand it or how it relates to anything ever. Where's Sark, damn it?

"Apparently I'm funny." Oh, Jack. You are so much love. And you are very, very funny.

"You're shorter than I remembered." Hee, guys are dorks!

I just want to give Sloane a hug or something. I hope someone gives Sloane a hug before the show ends.

I want Syd's pink shirt. It is so damn cute.

7:22: Sark appears! Syd smacks him around! I cover my mouth with my hands to contain my squee! (My mom does not share the Sark love. I'm not sure that we're actually related. She claims to have given birth to me, but I don't even remember this.)

Hee, Vaughn and Dixon gossiping talking about Sark. Dixon: "She can handle Sark." Vaughn (speaking from experience, yo): "Yeah, but Sark will like it."

Sark with a gun: hot. Sark with his hands in the air: even hotter.

"The beautiful man is dying!" That makes two of us.

I still don't know what they're doing, but Rachel pwning Thomas on car knowledge is pretty hot.

HI, Rambaldi! We've been hearing about you for a while, too. You're kind of like I imagined, except with a much shorter beard. Not to mention that rose brand/tattoo/thing.

Look, Rachel, Thomas. You're taking screentime away from Sark. Couldn't you guys do this some other time? Thanks.

Oh, Sark. You look so very pretty when you're all beaten up. It's no wonder no one can resist doing it.

No one is hugging Sloane. Poor Sloane. :(

How come Sark did not get to sex up Syd? Please to be explaining this tragic omission, Alias writers. >:-0

EDIT: Damn it, the Alias finale is going to be during my brother's graduation.
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