Some random pictures

I found the cord for my digital camera and I thought I'd put some of these up. Includes apocalyptic hail, puppies, Easter, my brother being a dork (but I repeat myself ...), poker, and scholar bowl.

Masses of hail by the back door. We only just got rid of the two ziplock bags full of it we had in our freezer.

My brother being a dork. He took these himself.

See above.

Playing poker with my dad and handynavi. I am downloading Prince of Tennis on my laptop there.

This is my neighbor's new puppy, who is just darling and sweet. She's already getting so much bigger than this!

Searching for Easter eggs in the backyard.

My brother in his tux, which he got for free in exchange for wearing it to school as a walking advertisement. Prom is next weekend. My mom took this one.

The 2006 second place Missouri scholar bowl team.
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Wah! I feel so old! I don't recognize ANY of those scholar bowl kids, and I'm probably old enough to have babysat them a decade or so ago.

Looks like someone's brother cannot behave.
They missed a question about Jim Jones, if you can believe that. Danny's the only one of the eight of them who's even a product of Jonestown! (We were scribbling furious notes to each other during that question.) I feel ooooooooold.
You do realize that, in posting these pictures to a fannishly-trafficked journal, you've just earned your brother a slew of internet stalkers? ;-)
Next thing I know, he'll have his own full-blown fandom, complete with Mary Sues!