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My little brother's team placed second in the state in scholar bowl! He has a second place medal to match mine! I actually captained my team, whereas he mostly supports his by wearing amusing outfits like the plaid jacket he had on today, but still!

Kids these days don't know anything about classic science fiction, apparently. In the matches I watched, neither team could identify the author of Snow Crash and Cryptonomicon, nor could they say who can regenerate twelve times, is being played in his tenth incarnation by David Tennant, and is a Gallifreyan Time Lord on a classic British television show and dear lord why is no one ringing in on this question yet? At least on that question there were five of us in the audience, including the timekeeper, who claims to have watched every single episode of Doctor Who, who were seething with incredulity and horror at this wanton display of ignorance.

Oh! And there were a couple of questions about tennis and I answered them (on my piece of paper, discreetly, of course) and my dad just looked at me, like, wow, who are you and what have you done with my daughter? It was fun.
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I just want to say Bloody Hell with regards to the Doctor Who thing. I mean, I know there are a good whack of Americans who have never heard of the show, but still....... X___X
I know! Even if they aren't familiar with the show qua show, they should at least have some idea about it as an important piece of history!
They couldn't identiy Snowcrash and Cryptonomicon? Geez. I mean, it's classic Sci-Fi in a "instant classic" sort of way, they were written within (roughly) the last decade... Makes me fear what their response would be if we got into serious classic stuff, or even old-school Edgar Rice Buroughs or somesuch....
It's just sad, really. I don't know how you can field a scholar bowl team -- one whose strengths are math and science, no less -- and not have one person who knows who wrote Snow Crash and Cryptonomicon.
No kidding! I mean, are we sure these are even geeks? Sounds more like future fodder for Microsoft Quality Assurance.... or spies sent by "them"!