I think that I must have failed to seed torrents properly in a past life or something. I skipped Alias this week on account of part two of House, and now I cannot get it to download for the life of me, in spite of the fact that there are allegedly five million seeds, and I cannot think of anything I have done in this life to trash my downloading karma to this extent.

In other news, when I woke up this morning, there was a large Target bag filled with children's books sitting at the foot of my bed. My mother is such an enabler, you guys. I'm assuming that she picked these up as a lot at some garage sale or other without actually looking at them, like, at all, because in addition to such squee-worthy items as Bummer Summer by Ann M. Martin, There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom by Louis Sachar, and a whole gaggle of Junie B. Jones books, it contains two volumes of The New Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley. I just. No.

How incredibly bizarre are these books, by the bye? I think there's enough Real Person Fic about the Olsen twins at various ages to construct several alternate lifetimes, free of any inconvenient reality whatsoever. They are, of course, officially licensed, unlike the mounds of regular real person fic which undoubtedly exists but which I am not going to poke the internet for, so insert your own links here. Then again, Mary-Kate and Ashley weren't even of age at the time, so their consent in the matter is somewhat dubious. Besides, I don't know about any of the other books, but this is the disclaimer in the front of the one I have here:
THE NEW ADVENTURES OF MARY-KATE AND ASHLEY, THE ADVENTURES OF MARY-KATE AND ASHLEY, Clue and all logos, character names and other distinctive likenesses thereof are the trademarks of Dualstar Entertainment Group, LLC. All rights reserved. THE NEW ADVENTURES OF MARY-KATE AND ASHLEY books created and produced by Parachute Publishing, L.L.C., in cooperation with Dualstar Publications, a division of Dualstar Entertainment Group, L.L.C., published by HarperEntertainment, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers.
I am obviously not a lawyer or anything like, but I do find it vaguely intriguing that there's no version of the standard actual persons living or dead disclaimer.

Also, Mary-Kate and Ashley are so incredibly pastede on in this cover. I think a monkey with Photoshop could do better.
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Heh. It's probably because they are so unlike anyone in real life!! *shudder*
Howdy. I also skipped alias to watch america's next top model. i downloaded my torrent from, and it was in quicktime! (700 MB = amazing quality). it had a great dl speed, so perhaps you ought to go to mininova... good luck!
I left it running while I was gone all day today and it has downloaded a whopping ... 16 KB! *facepalms* What did I do to offend you, bandwidth gods? Do you want me to sacrifice a virgin to you or something?

I stopped it and restarted it just now, though, and it's going along at a more promising speed now. Why, at this rate, it'll be done in just 30 hours!

Anyway, thanks! I'm sure one of these days I will be able to get back to you on this matter.