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GIP (hand porn)

It all starts so innocently. You read marksykins's Shinji/Ryoma fic and you think oh, I wish I had some grip tape icons.

Next thing you know, it's three in the morning, you've watched like ten episodes of Prince of Tennis, most of which don't even have anything to do with grip tape, and oh my God I don't even know what Inui and Kaidoh are doing in this screenshot:

but I'm pretty sure it's a form of foreplay, and seriously, drugs are bad, kids, so stay away from PoT.

Sleep now.
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I love the doubles formations in the background. No matter how I stray, I always come back to InuKai in the end.
They are so much love. Kaidoh's little Hymn to the Awesomeness of Inui there during his match with Yanagi made me all melty.
The whole match! When I wanted to review it before writing the Data Pair ficlets, I had to read the manga version because in the anime, it's all about the InuKai. And, oh god, the finger-touching over the credits. They are canon, so canon.

*cough* Pardon my squee.