Kristy/Mary Anne


I have made a Kristy/Mary Anne OTP 4eva icon. It was difficult, because I had to photoshop Claudia, Mallory and Dawn out of their adorable lesbian pillowfight.
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And yeah, I would have totally been in favor of a pillow fight orgy, too, but the other three were mostly just ruining the composition through awkward placement. ;)
speaking of there any chance you would let me gack your holmes/watson icon? i've been coveting it desperately ever since i friended you. it's just so perfect for them, and so well done. i would credit you, obviously. however, no pressure, i totally understand if you want to keep it unique!
Go right ahead! I'm sure you will take very, very good care of them. ;)

*points and giggles at the youthful Keats*