happy Mac

New addition to the family

My little brother has a Mac mini with a SuperDrive and a wireless keyboard and mouse!

This means, for all intents and purposes, I have a Mac mini with the above! Until he moves out!

He also has a tux for prom, but it doesn't fit, so you'll have to wait to see it.

This is very exciting. I can burn all my Tenipuri to DVDs! I can make everyone watch it on the television in our basement! Muahahahahahahaha!
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Last night I was in the audience for a new series recording of QI, and witnessed Stephen Fry describe Alan Davies as a "fluffy little shagmonkey".

I thought you'd be amused. :D
I approve of this sort of thing and wish to encourage it. Probably in the form of icons. :D

Lucky, lucky you!
Vest too big. Pants too small. It would be a better fit on someone who was built like a comic book superhero, on the whole.

At first we thought he was just wearing the pants too low on his hips and we attempted to adjust them. He asked us to stop grabbing his ass.