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The Gang's All Here

Poor Will. He always has to play the damsel in distress.

Oh my God, these guys! They're like the Men in Black meets the Baby-sitters Club! Being a Spyparent clearly has advantages that extend beyond the five-minute birth.

Aww, and Will gets to save the day after all! Of course, it looked like they'd tied him up with a piece of red ribbon, but still. Good for him. At least he gets to have some fun before he discovers that there's a bomb in his head.

Page 47! Whee! Yeah, my standards for the execution of the Rambaldi plot have plunged desperately; I'm now just happy to have it mentioned at all.

Why are they speaking bad French-accented English to a Portuguese porter? Are there no foreign languages Bradley Cooper can hack?

You can collect someone's DNA with a cheek swab. This setup strikes me as being slightly over-elaborate. Also, I don't think drowning Anna in the wacky red water is a very convincing mechanism for turning her into Syd. I think it would be more likely to result in, you know, death.

Apparently death is coming in the next episode, though. Sigh.
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