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Notes to myself which conveniently double as notes to all of you about challenges I'm working on:
  • For the pornish_pixies Fantasy Fest, I told myself that I was going to claim one (1) challenge and that was it well, maybe another after I finish one for May. I absolutely, positively had to have this one:

    marksykins -- Sanguini the Vampire/Eldred Worple. No non-con or really heavy kink, but light bloodplay related to vampirism okay. I just want Eldred getting obsessed with his writing about the vampire lifestyle. God. Please. I've been dying for this since HBP.

    Seriously, after that I stopped even looking at the rest of the shiny, shiny prompts, because OMFG.

  • legomymalfoy announced summerwriting, a multi-fandom challenge to write a novella of at least 15,000 words over the summer. I just so happen to have this novella-sized Alias bunny involving Sark, Irina and public school that's been nuzzling at my feet for ages, and this seems like the perfect excuse to finally write it.

    I just need to keep telling myself that it doesn't need to be any more accurate to attending an actual British public school in the 90s than Alias is accurate to the actual CIA, for heaven's sakes. I have issues, okay?

    Incidentally, if anyone could point me at some good resources about day to day life type stuff at public schools, particularly Harrow and particularly in the 90s (that would be the 1990s, as opposed to the 1890s, which I am relatively well up on), these would be very hot gratefully received.

  • short_takes is an ongoing source of joy and delight. Our fandom may be tiny, but we punch well above our weight in great fic. I'm going to try to post my Jessi fic tonight, I think, although with our shiny new two-week deadlines we have until next Sunday.
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omg omg it's about time someone wrote sanguini/worple!!!

*waits impatiently*