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Last night was the annual Trivia Night fundraiser for my old high school scholar bowl team, and I wish it to be known that my table utterly triumphed, crushing all competition with our mighty brains.

Our beginnings were modest and unassuming. My parents picked me up from work at 6:00 and said oh, by the way, we're shanghaiing you off to the high school because tonight is Trivia Night. We turned up and bought our $10 entry tickets and the ticket-takers asked us if we wanted to start our own table or oh, it looks like the Hills only have three at their table.

*insert music of destiny and stuff here*

See, way back in the day (which is to say, 2000-2001, a whole five years ago, woe), I captained a well-nigh unstoppable scholar bowl team with the eldest Hill sibling at my side, knowing all the things that I didn't know and vice versa. Could his younger brother J. and I recreate the same magic?

Our closest competitors were a group of professors from the local community college, who were, for maximum dramatic effect, seated at the table right next to us. After the first round, potpourri, they lead by one, but we seized the lead on language and literature and carried it through discoveries and inventions and history. We were extremely careful not to let any of our answers be overheard and stolen by the competition. It helped quite a bit that J. can write upside-down.

We were worried about the categories of movies and television and sports and leisure, but the fact that all these questions were written by scholar bowl dorks meant that we in fact got to answer all these questions about Alec Guinness, Family Guy, Stephen Colbert, cribbage and Sudoku. However, our nemeses at table managed to make up our narrow lead and for two straight rounds, we were tied.

The final and deciding round was in fine arts, which I just so happened to have more or less majored in. Still, I was plenty worried, especially since the rest of the table disclaimed all knowledge of art whatsoever, leaving the burden squarely on me.

And, of course, victory! The final scores were G table 76, H table 74, everyone else ... I don't know, but we beat them all, and scored $20 gift certificates at the local bookstore for each of us.

I really missed scholar bowl. All the thrill of competition you get from your more traditional athletics, but more reading books and less tripping over my feet. It's nice to know that I've still got it. *preens*

Plus, you know. Free books. I've already picked up mine: The Complete Works of Lewis Carroll
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Dude, is the Elder Hill capable of being quiet? Que je doute!

I'd have taken his place, if I'd been in town.