Some lines on the shambling zombie corpse of Alias

I've never done the typing-along-with-the-show thing before, but since I'm no longer sufficiently into this show to give it my undivided attention, I thought it would be fun.

Previously on Alias: Sydney was on a boat. I do not even remember this boat. God, when was the last time Alias was on?

Arvin tells Jack that if he needs anything, he's there for him. Like basically everything Arvin says, this sounds like a creepy come-on. For some reason, Arvin is wearing the weirdest, ugliest pair of glasses in his whole weird, weird collection. The frames kind of malevolently yellowish.

From the creator of Lost and Alias comes Mission Impossible III: J.J. Abrams has ADD. Not that I'm bitter or anything, J.J.!

Oh, Marshall, laughing too hard at the CIA tour guide's old "If I told you, I'd have to kill you" joke! And in the most adorkable glasses! *loves* Actually, in those glasses, he looks eerily like J.J. himself.

Oh, yay, it's Weiss! Who has apparently taken up Pilates. Well, he does look slightly sleeker. *squishes him* And he gets to save the day and hook up with Marshall before his brief guest appearance sadly comes to an end.

Creepy medical clinics for pregnant women are a motif in J.J. shows this season. I haven't felt so extra-specially glad not to be pregnant since Scully went to Zeus Genetics.

Marshall is using the Matrix to break the encryption on the stolen hard drive. For serious.

Is Victor Garber wearing a prosthetic ear? His ears are the same size, and it's distracting me. He's kicking ass and taking names and I'm staring at his ears.

Are we supposed to know what it is that Thomas Grace is looking up whenever he has a moment to himself? If so, I fail, because I have no clue. Something to do with some random guy who speaks German, apparently, and The Cardinal, whoever that is.

Spymommy is looking hotter than ever. I think she must have found Rambaldi's fountain of youth or something.

Thomas Grace is getting the music-of-evil-and-betrayal. Maybe he will be evil, now that he doesn't need to be the new hero of zombie Alias.

Gee, Syd, you just escaped from the creepy boat clinic and you can't think of any reason why you might want to lay low for a while?

Oh God, not another Lost clip show. Clip shows are bad, but Lost clip shows are an abomination. Just. No.

See, when Spymommy tells me that these Prophet 5 jokers have been part of the storyline all along, I totally believe her. She can tell me anything and I'll believe her. Such is the power of Spymommy.

Marshall to Jack: "I love secret conspiracies. You know, as long as I'm a co-conspirator." So cute!

Aww, Spyparents reunion. They aren't getting any interesting lines or anything, but I love the little looks that they're exchanging.

Ah. Thanks for introducing, explaining and wrapping up that little Thomas Grace subplot, all in one (well, two) episodes. What was even the point of that?

The Spyfamily's terrible Italian accents are killing me.

"I thought I killed you once. This time I'll be more thorough." Oh, they're so delightfully fucked-up. I dig that.

Whoa. They totally just shot down that helicopter. *blinks*

They keep showing more and more scenes from this episode of Invasion in each successive commercial, but it doesn't make it look any more interesting.

Apparently, spies can give birth super-quickly on the roof without any special equipment whatsoever? Oh my. See above in re: gladness about not being pregnant.

It's Gandalf Stormcrow! No, wait, it's just some random dude in a fur hat. And he has good news, anyway.

And Vaughn is not dead. Surprising exactly nobody.

Gina Torres is back next week! That's never not good news.
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glad someone else shares my love of marshall's kick-ass glasses, and of spymommy's everything!

yeah, the whole delivery thing was sooo quick.

also, i hate whenever jack threatens to kill irina. because. it. never. happens!!! gahh! dont get me wrong - i dont want it to - but stop making threats that are sooo empty!
Threatening to kill Irina is just Jack's way of saying that he loves her! It is what makes their relationship so very very special.

Marshall and his glasses deserve to co-star in their own spin-off show.