So not right, I tell you

My family used to respect my taste in music. Sure, some of them complained about it being boring, especially my mother, who has threatened to run our van off the road and kill us all if I kept playing the Art of the Fugue. (Some kids do it with heavy metal. I do it with Bach.) But at least there was respect.

Now they're all mocking me and my seven-and-a-half-hour Prince of Tennis playlist of DOOM. The woman who listens to Then The Morning Comes by Smash Mouth on repeat for hours and whose other favorite bands are Green Day, the Barenaked Ladies and O.A.R. is mocking me. This is so not right.
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Heheh, a girl on my friends list is also a PoT fanatic. A friend of hers made her go on a PoT fast for a week, until Easter (kinda like a condensed Lent).

She managed 24 hours. This is only partly related to your post, but I wanted to mention it. I would also like to mention I am currently barefoot.
Bwahahahaha! Oh, that's hilarious. I'm not even entirely sure I would have lasted that long. Definitely not if you count the music, which I have been singing all day long.
These were her conditions:

No fanfic, reading or writing or prolonged planning
No episode watching/movie watching
No icon making
No resizing of images ready for icon making
No prolonged looking at images or image huntung
No 'right click save as' to any pictures
No listening to any theme tunes
No downloading any theme tunes
No TeniMyu songs
No watching TeniMyu
No Takashi Nagayama
No Kimeru ;____;
No manga
No singing
No talking about it on MSN or any instant messaging service
No talking about it on the phone/ in real life
No e-mailing Spring/anyone about how bad my challenge is/ PoT related
No posting about it
No using a Prince of Tennis icon ever
No talking about Prince of Tennis in comments (to including new Prince of Tennis friends)
No checking any Prince of Tennis lj comms
No trailers for CinePuri (or anything CinePuri related)
No speaking of the words 'Prince of Tennis'
No other TeniMyu cast
No doodling

But yeah, she was doing quite well until like 4pm then she went OMGROHJIFEWRN%YD$RFNDEWKENDBLAAAAARGH!!!

Always fun to watch someone go bezerk. From a distance.
... oh yeah, that is so not happening. So if any of you guys are getting any ideas here, you can just forget it!