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Three years!

Good lord, time flies when you're busy refreshing your flist. Today marks my three-year Ljversary, and, by extension, three years of actually being in fandom as opposed to lurking and stuff.

Three years ago, I: had a LiveJournal!

Two years ago, I: learned that my rabbit had died and you all comforted me.

One year ago, I: fancied Sark from Alias madly.

Today, I: am working on my story for short_takes.

You guys have made me laugh and made me cry. You have recommended me great books and music and even made me buy a TV (and thereby kept me from being that guy from the Onion) and learn how to read graphic novels (apparently it helps if you look at the pictures, too) and learn all kinds of not-particularly-useful Japanese vocabulary (when I go to Japan, I can talk about ... alchemy! And tennis!). You have been there when I'm down.

You make my life shiny. Thank you.
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It would have surprised me three years ago if someone would have predicted that three years would just be a beginning as far as keeping LJs went, but now I'm sure I'll see a sixth and a ninth anniversary post as well.

Also, thanks for sending that invite code right along!
Heh. My flist has almost as much control over you as they do over me. Just look at the TV shows that you watch, the music that you listen to, et cetera, et cetera ...