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my very own television

So I'm totally gimping around because I can't properly put my weight on the ball of my right foot. I won't tell you the details because they're icky and stuff; suffice it to say that it hurts like a motherfucker just now.

But I don't care, because whee! I have a television! I have a television! Everyone else has had a chance to get all blasé about televisions which I never had because we didn't have cable in our family and we didn't rent movies in our family and my mom was so concerned about my brother being a TV junkie because he would watch whatever was on the shity broadcast networks that she locked the television up and would not give me the combination.

But I'm not going to go on about that, really I'm not, nor either about my roommate freshman year who worshipped Brittney Spears and watched Dawson's Creek with no sense of irony, even watching tapes when she quit her job to lounge around, eat McDonald's, buy new jeans at the Gap instead of washing hers. Actually, now I've had some time to get over her, she's pretty damn funny.

But the point is, I've got my very own television and I can watch whatever shows I like and watch DVDs, because it's got a built-in DVD player, and I can drool over and develop crushes on beautiful people as I have never really done before, because I, like, didn't know how to go about it. And maybe eventually I'll write up this post I have in mind Analyzing the Narratological Differences Between TV and Books from the Perspective of a Total Plebe who has Never Watched TV.

But right now, I'll just watch movies with my parents all evening or however long they stay awake. Come to think of it, have been awake well over 24 hours because did not go to bed last night for the hell of it, but am not tired or tiredish or wired with adrenaline or anything. Perhaps I have evolved past needing sleep. God knows that would be useful...
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Hmm, just as long as you don't go too far in the other (TV-centric) direction. You won't though. You have good taste and so much stuff on TV is far, far, below standard. BTW, does your TV have a headphone jack?
Yeah, but I need, like, an extension so I'm not sitting right in front of the TV. Even I think that's bad. And I do have standards.