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Poker Face

My poker-playing secret: no one can read you when you've got your face in your laptop, industriously downloading more episodes of Prince of Tennis while you play.

At least, my parents can't. *wins*

The hand where I flopped a king-high straight while my mom and dad were playing with a pair of jacks and kings respectively didn't hurt, either.

EDIT: And there's this thing in our basement that beeps every night at 8:23 and I can't find it! ARGH!
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Hahah, beeping THINGS!
I was subbing in a room where something would beep three times every 45 minutes and I could NEVER find it, and I'd forget about it until the next time it went off. The kids were no help either.
On Christmas morning, Jason's cell phone battery got so low that it started chiming at him and we thought it was some Christmas present that was making noise.