You're all just lucky I can't be contagious over the internet

I woke up yesterday with an Abominable Sore Throat, which has fortunately responded well to treatment. And by "treatment", I mean "calling in sick to work, sleeping for approximately sixteen hours, and watching twenty episodes of Prince of Tennis". For getting through today, I have a couple pounds of those yummy tropical Halls drops and a bunch more episodes of Tenipuri that I'm downloading now.

ABC, although you have put forth a valiant effort, I regret to report that you have not yet succeeded in making me utterly uninterested in Alias by a.) flirting with abandoning plotlines altogether before b.) merely replacing all the interesting plotlines with boring ones, c.) killing off or disappearing half the characters I loved and replacing them with boring ones, d.) changing the time slot five times before finally slapping up a notice on your website that "The next episode has not been scheduled because we can't be arsed." So, in case any of you are as masochistic as me, the next episode will be on Wednesday, 19 April.

Just don't ask me what happened in the last episode, because I have no idea. Some people did something and then something happened. And it wasn't the one with Sark in, because that was before.

Star Wars fans hate Star Wars. So, it turns out that I'm a Star Wars fan, because I feel very strongly about all those things! Watching any or all of the movies is optional. ;)

Also, I had to change my layout because LJ made some change to the way voice posts are displayed but did not bother to actually make it, you know, work. I devoutly hope that this is temporary.
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*sends you virtual Lem-sip*

Argh! Alias sounds awful now! They've stopped it here, and I miss it, but it sounds like they are destroying it.
Awww, you're probably better off. If it were on, you might be tempted to watch it, and oh, the horror!

How far along did you get?
As far as I remember it was when her mother turned up and they had her in prison, I missed a few weeks and lost the thread about then, wasn't quite sure what was going on.
Ah yes. Irina Derevko was such a completely and utterly brilliant character, but then they couldn't get Lena Olin back to play her in season three, which was when things really started to go pear-shaped.

Oh well, I guess that's what fic is for ...