no good very bad

Oh no, not again, thought the bowl of petunias

Is my computer suicidal, do you think? Once again, it's decided that it simply doesn't want to boot today, thank you very much, and it is favoring me with the dreaded flashing question mark instead.

I don't think I'm particularly mean to my computer. I don't see why it chooses to betray me like this.

Hopefully they manage to get it to boot again like they did on Yuletide Uploading Day, since it's only about halfway backed up and I would prefer it to be fully backed up, but I really think that they ought to give me a new hard drive, and anything else they think might be causing the problem, for that matter. The hard drive was making scary clunking noises.

EDIT: They have taken it in to replace the hard drive and will transfer the data if they can, emphasis on if. Woe.

At least my documents are backed up. And I can hack into my iPod to get my music back.
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