Why isn't it 2007 yet?

This week's episode of Life on Mars sounds pretty awesome, based on my squinting at spoilery posts in the course of carrying out my modly duties at lifein1973. My torrent cannot possibly download fast enough. *hides from spoilers*

My mom and I have developed a relationship of symbiotic thrift store enabling. She pays for the massive stacks of books I unearth and not only does not make fun of me for trying to collect all the Baby-sitters Club books, but finds them and waves them at me and asks me if I already have them, while I veto all the shirts she wants to buy in colors that she should never, ever wear and do, in fact, make fun of all the vases and candy dishes she buys, not that this stops her for a moment.

The only problem is that I keep finding so many books every time we go out, my bedroom will implode.
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