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Come on, people! Where is the 2006 Winter Olympics slash? I seem to recall that in 2004 I couldn't scroll down five entries without running across someone shipping Michael Phelps and Ian Thorpe, and yet I have only found two (2) pieces of Evgeny Plushenko/Johnny Weir. This is unacceptable.

Only slightly relatedly, I was looking at all the old Olympic medals. I hadn't realized before that the summer games medals have had basically the same design since St. Louis 1904. And the winter games have always had medals that varied wildly from year to year, from the merely lame to the truly terrifying. Really, now, what is this?
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Two-man luge: just a big excuse to talk about topping and bottoming on network television. ;)
You actually found two! I've searched all over the net without luck. Where are they hiding?