not a happy bunny

Woe! Despair!

Starbucks is discontinuing their Chantico drinking chocolate, otherwise known as an orgasm in a shot glass. I am exceedingly displeased. And I don't even go out of my way to eat chocolate ordinarily, but I've been mainlining these things for about a year now.

Oh well. Now I have no good reason to darken their door ever again. Or until the Christmas drinks come back again. Whichever comes first.

In other news, I had a minute cavity filled but clung stubbornly to my wisdom teeth, rearranged my bookshelves to accommodate 30 more Baby-Sitters Club Books (shut up!) and watched lots of Olympics coverage. satyadasa will corroborate my statement that Bob Costas promised, on national TV, that they were going to shut up about Michelle Kwan and proceeded to violate his promise within the hour. We had snow, but not snow like the East Coast had snow, and why yes I am incredibly jealous.

On Friday I woke up (chez mes grand-parents) and my left shoulder hurt. I complained about this to handynavi and he had me move my arm around in various implausible ways and determined that the culprit was my rotator cuff. I believe that naming it has give it power over me, because it still hurts and it is really starting to annoy me.
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NOOOOOO! Surely not! Not the heart attack in a cup!
I know, right? What could be more American than a 6 oz. drink that has 390 calories and 21 grams of fat???
...three hundred ninety calories?

Oh dear Lord. I may be less than dismayed that Starbucks is discontinuing the crack in a cup, now. *bloats*
Bwahahahaha. Remember when I told you not to even ask how fattening they were and you claimed not to care?
I was misinformed! Misinformed, I say!

Also, Meg, my dear, you never told me if you're interested in going back to New York for graduation this year. *nudges :-D*
Aww, that's right, I was out of town and then I just forgot.

I'm about 99% sure I'm going to be there. My parents want to do the whole cap and gown thing and also see New York, and I so miss the city. We need to compare notes and make plans!
Ooh, how wonderful! I shall start making plans post-haste.

Fun fact: I have seriously been thinking about moving back, lately. Strange happenings at the Circle-K, I know! :-O
NYC really gets under your skin, eh? Oh, I wanna go baaaaaaack and play in the pretty snow!
...ah hah hah, perhaps your memories of New York snow are not the same as mine. *would totally be bicoastal, commuting contingent upon the weather*

Also, I told my mother how many calories are in the chantico, and I swear to God, I thought she was going to die of apoplexy on the spot. "Good riddance!" quoth the mother, who's been drinking a chantico a day ever since I introduced it to her lo so many years ago.
Well, I have fond memories of trying to cross a virgin, unplowed Lafayette last winter. I think it took five minutes just to get across the street. I have been told that I am Not Right in the Head when it comes to the snow. :D

Oh dear! I wasn't trying to kill your mother! Either with the chocolate addiction, or with the nutritional facts!
Why discontinue it? Killing too many patrons?

I have not watched one instant of Olympics coverage. Not ONE. I don't even know what my NBC affiliate IS around here.
Anyway, the last Olympics happened after I got married and I remember Jason being such a rag about watching apes in a pool and fags on a pommel horse. Wasn't he supposed to go away this week?
I think I cursed it. Everything I like gets discontinued. The barista told us it had basically been a flop, although they're going to keep serving it until they run out of chocolate.

Does Jason like hockey? It's about as manly as it gets, as far as I can tell, short of pankration.
Probably not. I think he likes football and baseball and that's really it. But he doesn't like internationalism or something. It hacks me off too, but he went to bed, so I'll either watch it or TiVo sportscenter and hope they cover it.
Internationalism? Like ... admitting that other countries exist, in order to compete against them (and attempt to, you know, crush them and stuff)? Or what?
Oh, I just think it's utter disinterest for things like the South Korean ice hockey team, or something. Which is a shame, because those Nederlander rowing girls were HOT back in Athens.
Details details.
Last night he ranted about the whole Olympic thing being "incredibly boring." I told him he was a dullard then, because only boring people are easily bored. He didn't argue with me.
i actually may have to try that, and conveniently there's a starbucks at my school now. Chantico - I'll have to remember the name.

and the icon is perfect!
It's worth a shot! I'm not even sure how long they've been discontinued, since I've been ordering them without even looking at the menu.

And thanks! I should make more sad posts so I get to use it more often. ;)
Heh. Apparently I like to go straight for the richest and most decadent thing I can get my hands on.
It is a conspiracy, I tell you. Starbucks and Disney got together at the Convention of Big Evil Corporations That are Big and Evil and plotted their foul deeds.