Things Which I have Chosen to Interpret as Celebrations of My Birthday, Because I am Delusional

  1. Steve Jobs announced new Intel-based iMacs and Powerbooks Macbooks.
  2. Google released Google Earth for Mac
  3. New episode of House
  4. Snow! Just maybe an inch which didn't really stick, but still! Snow!
  5. Yummy, yummy cheesecake
  6. A copy of The Onion Presents: Embedded in America
  7. Lovely birthday wishes on my last entry

Oh, wait. Those last three actually were celebrations of my birthday. ;)
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Oh yeah -- Happy birthday!

It's funny because I'd been having a bad week and was contemplating a post in which I list five reasons to be cheerful. All I could come up with was that there was a brand new episode of Taxicab Confessions, so I abandoned that idea (as I seem to abandon most posts). In any case, it's clear to me now that the new Taxicab Confessions was a celebration of your birthday as well.

I did enjoy the new House too.