Happy birthday to meeeeeeee (do not sing this song in your head or you may owe royalties)

Okay, so I wasn't looking and then all of a sudden it is my 22nd birthday. I hate it when that happens.

I, uh ... had not imagined being this old. In fact, as far as I am concerned, the entire universe came to an end in 2000. So, you know, I look at the copyright date on a book and it's 1998 and a loud and very stubborn voice in my head informs me, "This book was published two years ago!" Only to be corrected by the voice in my head that can actually tell time, which informs me, "No, this book was in fact published eight years ago."1 Then both of them get depressed and start looking for a stiff drink.

Fortunately, we're all legal.

1Next year, it will have been nine years. What is up with that???
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That happens to me too! Not yet with the 22nd birthday (though it is my half-birthday today!), but the "1998 wasn't so long ago! Come on, I saw Armageddon in the theater!"

But yes! Happy birthday! To celebrate, may I metaquotes this?
i used to think that 22 was much too young to be an old fogey, but now I am seriously reconsidering. ;)

And thank you!
Happy birthday dear Mayhap
This is your special dayhap
So I just thought I'd sayhap
Happy birthday dear Mayhap!

That's ... that's the most beautiful poem anyone's ever written for me ... I'll treasure it forever ...
Thank you! Apparently we're not alone in our chronological ineptitude. :D
Hee! Happy birthday. (And I can sympathise; I''m turning 19 next week, and I still have that rather loud voice in my head that keeps insisting I'm actually only 17. *grin*)
Time keeps passing and we just keep getting older! How very bizarre.

And thank you!
Thank you!

*raises glass -- only orange juice at this point in the day, though*
Thank you!

Also, since I finally watched Firefly a few months ago, Kaylee always reminds me of you, and I ♥ you both. :)
Well no, you were only 16 or something in 2000, they're not legal!
Well, okay, the voice in my head that can't tell time doesn't think that it's legal, but the fact remains. :D
Aww! It's like they think you're in law school or something, giving you all this silly homework!