New Years Resolution #1: write more fic

So. I didn't write anywhere near enough fic last year. This is going to change.

Announcing mayhap's New Years Challengathon!

Step 1: Comment to this post with a fic request. It doesn't have to be something I usually write. Hell, it doesn't have to be something I've actually heard of. I don't even have to know who you are! Include a pairing and/or a character and/or a prompt and/or something else. Whatever.

Step 2: I will write something, probably a either drabble or something under 500 words, and post it some time this year. Hopefully sooner rather than later, but you know.

Warning: fic may be extremely silly, especially if I am basing it on googling for the fandom in question.

If you request more than one thing, I will actually write at least, but possibly not limited to, one of them.

Step 3: Profit! There is no step 3.

So! Request away!
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The Main Building's resentment at being renamed by Forces Beyond Its Control?

Calvin & Hobbes, sil vous plait! :-D
Dude, I'm totally doing that one, muah. Maybe it will run away and have sex with Hogwarts.

Intimidating, yet awesome! You read the C&H story that was written for yuletide, yes?
Even if it's something you hate? Well, I guess you could do anything you want to the characters: Star Control 2: Commander/Captain

Something better though: use that Q episodes book and write Q/Picard, screenplay style. I'll even show it to a certain relevant actor's sister. She's always been jealous.
Ahahahaha omfg. Now I am intimidated! And why don't I have a Q/Picard icon?
in which you totally asked for it:
Okay, I want Mary Anne Spier baby-sitting for a young Cane and Abel. :)

Re: in which you totally asked for it:

*awards you the Best Request EVAR!!1!!! award*
Do you do crossovers?
I'm awfully fond of your Sherlock.
I thought awhile back about the interesting fact that his lifespan would overlap with the working lives of all the famous Thirties 'tecs, such as Nero Wolfe and Poirot and Miss Marple and (my fave) Peter Whimsy.
Also crazy about PRatchett/Gaiman's Good Omens, and of course those two angels overlap with *anything* you like.
I realize *cough!* there's a bit of difference in the tone there, of course...
Re: silly--anon was moi, sorry!
Ooooooooooh, so many shiny ideas! I'm thinking I'm going to have lots of fun with those.

Also, having crossed over the Bible with the Baby-sitters Club, I now feel qualified to cross anything with anything. :D
Re: silly--anon was moi, sorry!
You sweet-talkerer.