Yuletide fic: Loved I Not Honor, Rhett/Melanie-ish, G

yuletide authors have been revealed! What with the internet and time zones and all, I feel that this is the one true indication of the inception of a new year. ;)

I can now offer non-anonymous thanks to zaneetas, who wrote me my awesome, funny, touching Vicky Bliss fic that totally made my Yule. Thank you!

I can also cop to my own story:

Loved I Not Honor, written for yahtzee63
Gone With the Wind. G. Missing scene. Rhett meets Melanie for the first time after she and Ashley return to Atlanta.

I really enjoyed writing this both times (the first time very very slowly and the second time in a mad panic after my computer ate it). I dearly love the book and all the relationships among Scarlett, Rhett, Melanie and Ashley, so when I got my assignment, it absolutely thrilled me. Then, of course, I freaked out for a while, wondering what I could possibly add to Rhett and Melanie's relationship that hadn't already been done and better in the book or wasn't precluded by pesky logistics, and finally I came up with this.

Incidentally, I just figured out that my copy of Gone With the Wind is an 18th printing of the first edition. It's still in astonishingly good shape considering that I, personally, have read it approximately one zillion times during the past ten years alone. I am still rather distressed about the time that my mom got white paint on the spine, though.
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I'm really pleased (and more than a little relieved) that you liked the story! I had a great time writing it -- heck, I can hardly feel that ulcer I developed! ;)

Thanks so much for your nice comments and I'm so, so, *so* glad you enjoyed it!