captain's log

Yuletide metapost

Importuning of deities of writing and otherwise.

Lengthy discursion about the canon, my deep and abiding love thereof, and the role it has played in my life. Deep appreciation for having received the prompt that I did and explanation of how perfect it is. Angst over doing it justice.

Stern advisement to self that having lots of ideas and plans are good but getting them all on paper by tomorrow night would be better. Despair at prospect of finding a canon beta. Deep shyness at the prospect of approaching any of the people whom I know to be familiar with the canon in question, as they are all goddesses of awesomeness. Hyperventilation.

Distraction by shiny Tuesday television. Deep breaths. Self-assurances that the story only has to be a thousand words long. Clinging to random people on AIM.
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