I love snow! If I were a superhero, I would be Snowgirl, and my origin story would be me being born in an igloo on the Arctic Circle,1 and my nemesis would be the evil Sun.2

So, naturally, my family moved somewhere where it snows maybe thrice a year and never sticks longer than a day. But at the moment, we have 8 inches of fluffy white goodness and yay, snow. Even though my dad got rid of our sleds apparently. Still! Snow!

1Almost true. It was South Dakota in January and a stalled car, except that my mother was rescued by a policeman first.

2Undeniably true. I hate the sun and the loathing is mutual.
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Nah, I was born in Sioux Valley Hospital, thanks to policeman-type intervention. Reading comprehension omg.
See, that sounds so much better than the snow we got while at uni. New York snow = not very sleddable.
I'll trade the slush for the quarter inch of ice we had overnight. That, coupled with the fact that they put something in Austin's water that causes the destruction of the brain cells associated with cold-weather-driving skills.
Ouch, that doesn't sound like fun. :(

My most egregious incident of ice-related stupidity would have to be the time that I slipped and fell as I was walking along an icy sidewalk with those old-fashioned cobblestone sidewalks while reading a book. At least the extent of the damage was a very purple bruise on my thigh.
*grins* That sounds like something I would do. I have a history of missing buses (and bus stops) because I was in the Reading Zone and didn't see the bus stop and pick up everybody ese but me
We have snow. Jen has already been cross-country skiing. It is white and crunchy. I must sleep now.
Fluffy snow = gorgeous.

Damp snow that turns to slush that turns to ice that lasts for days = horrible.

Guess which I get, when there's actually any of note?
True, very true. Of course, if the snow is too fluffy, it's completely useless for snowpeople, snow forts and snowball fights ...