What about Bob?

Probably the part that I enjoyed the most about this episode was the commercial break. Specifically, the one where my mom called him Shark, then Snark, then gave up and asked what his name was. This amused me greatly.

Okay, there was also half-naked!Sark. And bathrobe!Sark. And bad-American-accent!Sark. And implausible-alias!Sark. (Okay, I know many a Bob, including my very own father. I even knew a Robert my age who went by Bobby up until high school, I think it was, before he insisted on Robert, thankyouverymuch. But I don't know anyone of any age whose actual passport says "Bob", for fuck's sake.) And cuddly!Sark (she said it like it was a bad thing!).

But the whole thing just sort of felt flat like leftover champagne and it was sad. I don't hate that Rachel chick and I thought the idea of them hooking up and having spysex was potentially amusing, but ... it wasn't so much. Blah.

When Sark made his appearances last season, he managed to have interesting and meaningful interactions with just about everyone for a nice little two-part reunion. Too bad Vaughn's not coming back from the dead until next week; he and Sark always have fun together.

Also, GIP. (Gratuitous icon usage? I was going to make the post anyway ...)
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