Extra special thanks to everyone who asked for a copy of my novel. That was above and beyond the call, people. I mean, even I'm not reading it, so I certainly don't expect anyone else to. :)

Now I will return to my regularly-scheduled stalking of UKNova for a Q.I. torrent. We wantssss it, precioussss ...
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It's all smart and funny and full of the gay love! It's like my perfect show!
hi, because i'm an idiot, i wasnt able to take your quiz (where we specify the way we want the novel sent and agree to all the rules =)on time, and i think it's too late to take it now. But i'd still like to read it. what can we do?
No problem. You can still fill the poll out if you want, or comment or email me, just so long as I get your format of choice and an address you can receive it at. Really, I'm more than happy to shove it off on anyone who expresses any interest in my direction. ;)
hello. i would like it as a pdf sent to shah[dot]ali[at]gmail[dot]com . i posted my email on lj before without taking any precautions, previously, and my gmail account gets a lot of unfiltered spam now (before, all my spam went directly to the spam folder). thanks!
Re: awesome!
See, this is why I made a poll, so people wouldn't have to go around posting their emails all willy-nilly. :D

I'm glad the PDF is getting some love. It is shiny.
Just finished the novel last night, and I was chuckling waaaay too much! It was great! I can see publication and movies and videogames and stuff. /me needs to spread the psychotrollfaeriegoodness
Awwwww, thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed my dorktastic psychotrollfaeriegoodnes. :D