Mai Yamani

It is finished.

My NaNovel, naturally. It has an ending and everything and I wrote the entire thing in November. The final score is as follows:

Zokutou word meter
54,417 / 50,000

Now, some people have expressed a desire to actually read this novel, which is entitled I've Got a Bridge to Sell You and concerns the story of a young man who purchases the Brooklyn Bridge from a troll and then endeavors to convince people that this means that he is, in fact, now perfectly sane. These people are crazy. However, I am crazy too, so this is not really a problem.

If you are one of these crazy people, I will email you a copy of the document, in any format you desire (Pages document, Microsoft Word document, PDF file, HTML document [recommended, personally, but that could be just me], RTF document or plain text [not recommended at all]). However, you must first read and agree to the following.

1. You are under no obligation to actually read this document, right away or in fact ever, just because you asked for a copy.

2. You realize that this entire thing was written and, to a very limited extent, rewritten, entirely in the month of November. You will accordingly charitably assume that any and all parts that are awesome are awesome because I am, in fact, awesome, and any and all parts that are weird, inconsistent, or just plain bad, are all of those things because I was insane, sleep-deprived and over-caffeinated at the time that I wrote them, left there because they were necessary to meet my word count, and not properly revised because I never really had a chance to look at them again.

3. You don't intend to do anything stupid with this document, like have it published by PublishAmerica under your name. Which, seriously.

4. You are free to respond to the contents of this document in any way that the spirit so moves you, with the caveat that if you say anything overly mean, I will of course respond, "Well, yeah, but it was written entirely in the month of November, for heaven's sake. Plus, it wasn't researched at all."

5. You are not offended by the aforementioned near complete and total lack of research.

Poll #623979 NaNoWriMo

I read the above and I still want a copy of your novel!


I would like it in the following format:

Pages document
Microsoft Word document
PDF file
HTML document
RTF document
Plain text file (not recommended at all)

I would like it sent to this email address:

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I am far too swamped currently to be able to even think of requesting it...

However, I'd just like to say I love the disclaimer and cautionary statments.
That sounds like a pretty neat story (book? novel? whatever). And since I'm sane-challenged myself, so much the better :D
Congratulations. I admire the effort already. My sister writes really well. SHe can for a really detailed yet personal scene within seconds. It takes me ages to summon the right words and phrases and the right tone just to get the same effect that one hour of her writing accomplishes. Its pathetic. But hey, my claim to fame is I can wield a power drill better than any of my family members. LOL. jee whiz, I can build myself a shrine now. LOL. I'd love to read it. I filled out the poll already.
Power drills are fun. We had a bunch of nice ones in our theatre shop and I liked looking for any opportunity to screw something. ;)
Thank you! (You may be slightly less impressed when you actually read them.)
Okay, I have your email address, but not your agreement to terms OR preferred format. ;)
A novel in November, imagine what you could produce if it takes you longer than that. I must read it.