So. Tired.

Am back home and trying to catch up on all the TV shows I missed and the LJ comments that are mysteriously disappearing into the æther. (If I haven't responded to a comment and you think I should have done, smack me upside the head or something.)

Speaking of TV, all I have to say is that Sayid is a far, far better man than I am. Also, what was actually surprising about Ana-Lucia's backstory? It was basically the exact same thing we saw in the Other 48 Days – she has experienced legitimate traumas, I grant you, but her reactions thereto are still way, way out of line. Like, the line is not even in the same universe. It may be in a different show on a different network.

I watched this episode with my little brother and my cousin, neither of whom had seen a single episode of Lost before, so I spent the entire time either trying to explain to them what was going on or yelling at the screen and informing Ana-Lucia that she is the Worst. Cop. Ever. Normally, no one who watches TV with me is allowed to say a SINGLE WORD except during the previews and rewatchings, but in this particular instance, it worked really well for me.

I think I'll go to sleep now. Or watch Q.I., which is totally the same thing, except not. At all.
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I'm not really a big Lost fan, since we didn't get our DVR until this season and I'm usually not home Wednesday nights, but my husband loves the show. If they don't get off this "we love Ana Lucia kick," I don't know if I'll ever get the appeal. I do like Sayid, though.
Yeah, I think a lot of the appeal stems from the fact that we've been watching these crazy kids (besides Ana Lucia) for over a year now, and I, at least, have grown pretty fond of them (besides Ana Lucia). I have to say, the first ten episodes or so were probably the most exciting, like that time when you're infatuated with your significant other and every little thing you find out about them is so awesome, but I'm still digging it. :)