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50,142 / 50,000

And now I go to bed, because I'm dead tired and trying to do anything on AOL at my grandparents' house is killing me anyway.

(The novel isn't quite done, but I'm pretty much done bothering you nice people about it.)
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haha... aol kills me too... not as much as the small gray kitten sitting on my right hand, though... :)
Aww. You have to love the kitten, while you can't say as much for AOL. ;)
Congratulations!! :D

(I never managed to finish NaNo at anything but the very last minute- and I mean REALLY the last minute, churning out 5k on the last day. So I'm especially impressed you managed to finish this far in advance. Well done! *grin*)
Believe me, no one is more surprised than I am. :D Me and the last minute, we are well acquainted.
Insane? Definitely. Stressful? Well, the first half was incredibly stressful, but the second half was mostly a lot of fun. Satisfying? Hell yes. Although now I'm torn between "OMG this is all crap and no one can read it, ever!" and "OMG here is this whole book and I wrote it all myself and it's awesome!". ;)
Hee. Well, it's pretty safe to say that by March, I will either be ready to tackle this thing again or ready to put it aside on a shelf to admire, so ...