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Oh, goody.

I see that ABC have given up on their silly idea that they could move Alias from Wednesdays after Lost to Thursdays and anyone would notice or remember to watch it. Even my mom and I have already missed like half the episodes this season, and we've been trying to watch it.

Okay, so Mr. Voiceover Guy wants us all to buy the notion that Sark is "the most dangerous man in Sydney's life"?

Haha. Ahahahahahaha. Hahahahahahahahahahaha! *wheezes*

No, but seriously. In season four, I believe it was conclusively established that Sark is about as dangerous as a fluffy bunny.

I'm looking forward to this Sark appearance, if only to see how absolutely ludicrous it will turn out to be. Too bad it's not until December. *spits*

In other news, I am still NaNoing, unlike certain people (*coughs*coercedbynutmeg*coughs*), although I think I may have created giant plot holes a couple of chapters ago and set up the climaxes poorly. However, I do not care. Ned and Nathalia have been reunited, which makes me happy, because whenever they get together they talk and talk and talk because apparently they have fallen in love without my permission.

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Well, in MY novel, Melanie and Marksman were reunited, though their happiness was truncated by the overbearing and sinister Overmother. However, they both proceeded to get drunk and giggled half the night, giddy with each others presence.
hi. i watch alias regularly, but i didn't quite understand the whole "december" bit. did they mean there'll be NO new episode from now till december? or do they mean that the sark episode will come out in december, but there'll be new episodes before it.

also, when you finish your novel for nanowrimo, will you release it on the net or some other worthy establishment? I would love to read it...
The ABC website says that the next episode is airing on Thursday, December 8, so frankly, I'm confused.

It also says that the episode is entitled "Bob", which ... Bob? WTF?

I suppose that as December approaches, things will become more clear.

I don't know what I plan to do with my NaNovel, really. I think it would make at least a tolerably amusing read for anyone who's interested, so maybe I'll take a poll and then email out copies.
How about you get a life first and tell me how it works out for you, mmmkay?